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Tina* and I started meeting in the beginning of her pregnancy. She was living in the shelter and waiting to receive help with housing. She quickly shared she did not have a lot of support in her life from family and friends, and she was having a hard time with the news she was pregnant again. Tina had also experienced Post-Partum Depression after she delivered her older daughter, and she was fearful of going through those emotions again with her current pregnancy.

While we waited for her to be approved for a housing program through the shelter system, we began to prepare for the possibility she could experience Post-Partum Depression again. We spoke about the importance of attending all of her therapy appointments, and we found new resources specifically for women with Post-Partum Depression.

God provided a housing program for Tina a month before she delivered! Tina shared she wanted to begin gardening as a way to help her through the depression she may have after delivery.

Tina did in fact have a hard time after delivery, and continued to struggle some through the difficult emotions she was experiencing. She continued to share openly about the challenges she faced, and I had many opportunities to listen and pray with her. AlphaCare was able to help her begin gardening by providing a potted plant for her to take home.

Pray for the many women we serve who experience Post-Partum Depression and who face additional hard circumstances, such as lack of support and lack of housing. May God continue to use AlphaCare to pour out His love on them.

Brianna Cross, Social Worker

* Name changed to protect client’s privacy